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Nordic Walking

What it is 

Nordic walking is an all body workout involving walking with poles in urban areas (sidewalks, roads, parks, local trails) and in natural areas (local parks, trails, and mountain trails).  

Roller Skiing: Safety & Equipment Care Tips

Roller skiing is similar to cross-country skiing but is done on a hard surface. It is often referred to as ‘road skiing’ or ‘skiing on wheels’ since roller skis have wheels.

The skiing techniques used for roller skiing are very similar to techniques used in cross-country skiing.

Complimentary Clinics for Outdoor Groups

At the Norseman our passion for the community and the outdoors has transformed us into a store that emphasizes knowledge and education as much as outdoor equipment. 

Since our store was opened in 1971 we have expanded our areas of expertise, specialization and knowledge from cross country skiing to hiking, climbing and backpacking.

Traction Devices

Traction devices are particularly important for adding extra security when walking, hiking or running on mud, snow and ice. As we wait for the mountains to thaw, it’s likely that we will see a lot of all of those conditions over the next month, so choosing the right pair and making sure they’re packed for your adventures will go a long way toward making your outings a lot more fun and safer through mud season.

Traction devices are simply a device that straps onto a normal shoe or boot and adds traction via spikes, studs or chains.

Learn About Our Rental Pulks

We offer 2 pulks for rental.

Kinder Shuttle Sled System

The Kinder Shuttle Sled System by Wilderness Engineering is gear designed with the goal of family in mind.

This pulk is perfect for hauling gear on backcountry camping trips.


Tips on Purchasing Snowshoes

Winter in Alberta is incredibly beautiful but it can be long, depending on the year.

If you enjoy winter sports then long winters with plenty of snow are a bonus!

If you are looking for a new winter sport to try this year, then you should consider snowshoeing. Snow shoeing is one of the most accessible winter sports for all ages. If you can walk, you can snowshoe.

Snowshoeing in deep soft snow after a winter storm allows you to access and explore not easily accessible spots with normal winter boots. And that can be magical and spectacular!

Thank You Skier Bob

After 13 years of providing over 3,000 cross-country ski updates in Alberta and maintaining the Skier Bob website, Skier Bob (aka Bob Truman) has decided to pass on the reins to Skier Roger.

The Skier Bob website has been the “go to” website to visit for over a decade to learn about ski conditions with skiers submitting reports daily.

In an article on CBC, Bob shared, "I thought by writing about where I've been, people would share their story about where they've been, and it just grew and grew from that."

Celebrating 50 Years!

2021 marks our 50th Anniversary!

Norseman Outdoor Specialists was opened in 1971 as a way for the original Norwegian owners, to help supply XC ski equipment to their friends.

Since then, our passion for the community and outdoors has helped us transform and grow, and we now specialize in cross country skiing, hiking and climbing.

We are proud and honoured to be part of the Calgary ski and outdoor community for over 50 years.