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Gift Ideas for Cross-Country Skiers

The Holiday Season is just around the corner. 

Sometimes it is hard to buy presents for those closest to you. Of course you’d ideally like to get them something that they want and need and will use – but haven’t purchased for themselves yet. Who wants to be the one who buys them the gifts that are re-gifted at the staff Christmas party.

If you have been trying to think of gift ideas for a cross-country skier in your life that they will like, use and appreciate, then we have some ideas.

Read on for 10 gift ideas (that won’t break the bank) for the avid cross-country skier in your life:

1. Ski Bootcovers

Bootcovers are an ideal extra layer when skiing in cold weather to keep your feet warm, cozy and dry. Boot covers provide extra insulation, wind protection and are water-resistant. Bootcovers are size specific so before shopping for these, be sure to know what size is needed.

Product Suggestions: Madshus Boot Cover Warm and LAZL Boot Cover. These are both good quality bootcovers.

2. Swix Tour Pack

The Swix Tour Pack is a practical ski trip pack with three grip waxes that cover most temperatures. The pack contains: V20 Green, V40 Blue Extra, V60 Red/Silver, synthetic cork and wax/klister scraper. This is a nice gift pack and is perfect for new skiers as well as more seasoned skiers. This pack is sure to be used and appreciated.



3. Hand, Toe, Boot or Body Warmers

Hand, toe, and boot warmers make a great stocking stuffer. They work and are easy to slip into your gloves, mittens or boots to warm up your hands and feet and keep them cozy. Simply shake to use. Single use. HotShots has 4 types of warmers: Heated Insoles, Body Warmers, Toe Warmers and Hand Warmers.

4. Ski Travel Bag

Ski travel bags are a great way to protect your skis and the interior of your car from wax on your skis and metal edges (if applicable). If you car pool, other people who you may commute with will appreciate this as well. They are also handy to store your skis and poles in during off season. Choose from a more economical soft travel bag or a hardsized case that can be checked on a plane when traveling.

Product Suggestions: Norseman Cross Country Ski Bag, Sportube Series 1 Ski Case

5. Butt Warmer

Butt warmers, also known as hiking seats. Closed-cell foam technology hiking seats provide a firm, cushioned barrier between you and the ground and cold hard wet surfaces. This seat is ideal for sitting or kneeling on uneven ground and adding protection from dirt, wet grass or snow, keeping you comfy and dry.

Product Suggestion: Big Agnes TwisterCane BioFoam Seat

6. Gift Certificate for a Pre Ski Season Waxing Service or Lessons

If the avid cross-country skier in your life cringes at the thought of prepping their skis for ski season, then save them time with a gift certificate for a waxing service! Save them the procrastination, work and a bit of time. Or get them a gift certificate to attend a clinic to learn waxing techniques or some ski lessons if they enjoy taking classes and have expressed interest in improving their skills.


7. Guide Book

There are many online resources to research trips, but using guide books written and published by reputable writers adds another level of comfort. 

Product Suggestions: Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies, Alpine Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies

8. BUFF Tubulars

BUFF neck tubes are made of 100% merino wool. Merino regulates and maintains body temperature by absorbing moisture. Buffs are extremely versatile and are great as a base protection layer. Merino Wool Buffs in particular are light, soft and comfortable. Range of colours available. Unisex styles. 

Product Suggestions: Buff Original Tubular, Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Tubular


9. Toques and Hats

A popular hat with cross-country skiers are the Dale of Norway toques, made with skin soft merino wool and available in a variety of colours and styles.


10. Base Layer (Leggings or Shirt)

Good quality base layers are a wonderful gift for people who enjoy winter outdoor activities. New technology (in particular the Intraknit Merino 200 top or bottom) has resulted in leggings and shirts which provide quicker dry times, odor resistance, and durability, while targeted knit insulation and ventilation help keep you warm and dry.

Product Suggestions: IntraKnit Merino 200 Pattern Crew - Men's, Merino 200 Intraknit Bottom Baselayer - Men's


11. Insulated Skirt

Make her smile when she unwraps this present on Christmas Day and keep her happily warm (and stylish!) on the ski trails. The Swix Navado skirt offers added thermal protection with a water-repellent nylon padding. With its zipper closure, it can be easily slipped on over fitted pants or leggings to stay warm. Stretchy side panels provide the ultimate in comfort.

Product Suggestion: Swix Navado Insulated Skirt

12. Socks

Don't just get that special someone, a pair of socks, get them cross-country ski endurance socks!

Select from a range of socks to protect feet and leg's from the cold.

Product Suggestions: Cross-Country Merino Endurance Socks - Women's, Cross-Country Merino Endurance Socks - Men's

We love talking gear and would enjoy helping you pick out a gift for a cross-country skier in your life this holiday season. If you have any questions please stop by our store and one of our team will be happy to help you!