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Returning Home

Even with the rich history that we’ve had in our 50 years of operations, sometimes one of those many lives that we’ve touched will come back and surprise us – in the best possible way.

Trolls figure significantly in Norwegian folklore, and as most of you will have noticed, we have a number of the littler versions (and one bigger one) hiding throughout the store.

Now, these are admittedly the more marketable versions of Nordic Trolls (as most of the others are somewhat bigger), but they’ve been good company and they don’t eat much. This particular little guy was purchased from us in the early to mid 70s when a batch of
them was brought in after some of the owners made a trip back to Norway. This particular Troll was picked up as a gift for someone and, perhaps, a reminder of home.

He was recently donated to us by one of our long-time customers who has generously allowed him to return to his Troll family. Thank you so much for that. Having such a thing come back after being away and valued for almost 50 years is an amazing experience.

Next time you are in the store, come and say hi to the "new guy".