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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

It’s the countdown to Christmas … tick tick tick!

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for someone who enjoys hiking, camping, skiing or snow-shoeing, below are some ideas for gifts they could use:

1. Traction Devices

Traction devices are important for adding extra security when walking, hiking or running on mud, snow and ice. 

To learn more about traction devices and how to choose the right pair, check out our blog, “Traction Devices”.

Product Suggestions: Kahtoola Microspikes Traction DeviceIce Trekkers Diamond Grip Traction Device

2. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an absolute must to include in your backpack, no matter the length of your trip. The Mini Dave Kit is a waterproof personal first aid kit.


1 Waterproof Pouch
1 Absorbent Abdominal Pad
4 Sterile Gauze (3×3)
2 Non-Stick Dressings
2 Tegaderm Dressings (small)
1 Trauma Shears (small)
1 1/2″ Transpore Tape
1 30cm Moleskin
3 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
2 Povidone/Iodine Swabs
4 Alcohol Swabs
2 Triple Antibiotic
2 Skin Tac Wipes
1 Steri-Strip (wound closure)
12 Bandaids
1 Inventory of Contents & Reflective Sticker

Product Suggestions: Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Mini Dave Kit or The Dave First Aid Kit 

3. Insulated Drink Belt

KV+ Insulated drink belt keeps your drink warm during training. The small storage pocket on top, is large enough to hold your waxes, keys, energy bar, camera or cell phone. Plus it can be compressed flat when empty.

This bag can hold up to 1 liter of your beverage of choice. The bottle and bag are separable for easy cleaning.

Production Suggestion: KV+ Water Belt 1L

4. Gaiters

Gaiters are ideal to keep your boots dry and your feet warm when walking in snow or wet conditions. Choose from knee height gaiters or close fitting ankle gaiters which are more suited to trail runners. Select from gaiters which are tough enough for mountaineers and alpine climbers to ones which are more suited to hiking.

Product Suggestions: Montane Trail Gaiter, Louis Garneau Robson Gaiter - Men'sLouis Garneau Robson Gaiter – Women’s

5. Socks or Liners

Good quality socks can make the difference between a great day in the mountains and one fraught with sore feet. High quality socks may be a bit more expensive, but your feet will thank you. 

Liners are another practical gift idea and are effective at transporting moisture quickly away from the skin out to the main sock where it can evaporate, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

Product Suggestions: Briidgedale Hike LW Merino Original Boot Sock, Bridgedale Coolmax Liner 2 Pack Socks – Women’s, Bridgedale Hike MW Endurance Boot Pattern Women’s Socks

6. Water Purifier Tablets

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Water Purifier Tablets are a great item to keep in your pack in case of emergency. When added to water, Micropur MP 1 Tablets release chlorine dioxide which is effective against bacteria, viruses and cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Visit our blog, “Checklist of Items to Carry in Your Backpack Year-Round in Case of Emergency” for a few more gift ideas of this nature that will definitely come in handy in case of emergency.

Product Suggestion: Katadyn Micropur Tablets (30)

7. Compression Dry Bags

Dry bags are one thing that you really can’t have enough of. They are perfect to organize your sack and keep everything dry.

Product Suggestion: Sea to Summit Sling Dry Bag, Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

8. Compass

Whether you’re going for a day hike or multi-day trip, it is always smart to pack a compass. Equally important is knowing how to use it. Why not book a course on how to use a compass as well and include it with your gift?

Product Suggestion: Sillva Expedition Compass


9. Guide Book and/or Guide Book Cover

Protect your guidebooks with a guidebook cover. Some covers have a loop to attach to your climbing harness or backpack, and an elastic and page holder system to hold your book open to the correct page.

Choose from a variety of guide books on hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, and more in Calgary, Invermere, David Thompson area and more.

Product Suggestions: Beginners Guide to Snowshoeing Guide BookDMM Guide Book Cover


10. Hand, Toe, Boot or Body Warmers

Hand, toe, boot and body warmers make a great stocking stuffer. They work and are easy to slip into your gloves, mittens or boots to warm up your hands and feet and keep them cozy. Use HotShots Adhesive Body Warmers under clothing. Stick adhesive to clothing layer closest to your skin. Simply shake to use. Single use. HotShots has 4 types of warmers: Heated Insoles, Body Warmers, Toe Warmers and Hand Warmers.

Last month we presented gift ideas for cross-country skiers. If you missed this blog, you can check it out here, "Gift Ideas for Cross-Country Skiers".

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