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Baselayers: Synthetic Versus Wool?

The question as to which fabric is a better baselayer, synthetic or wool, is a long-standing one, with strong proponents of each fabric. It is a topic that our staff deal with weekly and requires some further understanding to make the right decision. (Hint: there is no wrong decision, unless it’s cotton!) 

First, let’s discuss what a baselayer is truly meant to do – as many get confused with this. Once you understand the purpose of your baselayer, it may make a decision on a fabric choice less difficult.

Hiking Etiquette in the Mountains

There are plenty of sources to reference when it comes to hiking etiquette in the mountains. Over the past 2-1/2 years with Covid and limited travel, hiking has dramatically increased in popularity with many well-known trailheads over-flowing with vehicles and hundreds or thousands of people using the popular trails daily.

Cirque Peak, July 25, 2020 During Covid

Light Weight Backpacking Gear Kit

How light is ultra light?

Have you ever wondered just how little your gear could actually weigh when backcountry hiking - whilst still carrying everything you need for safety, sleeping, cooking and all your other necessities? 

There are a lot of good reasons to get some of that load off your back. In no particular order: age, injury, fitness, the desire to go further or faster, a physically smaller or lighter hiker, children in tow, and many others are all excellent reasons why you might want to consider going a bit lighter.

Sleeping Mats: How to Choose

Your sleeping mat is equally important – maybe even more important – to your overall comfort as your sleeping bag.  

When selecting a sleeping pad, consider the following:

1. R-value 

For summer backpacking in the Rockies an R-value around 3.0 should be sufficient but you may want a higher R-value if you spend more nights at higher elevations or if you extend your backpacking season into spring and fall - particularly if there is snow or frost on the ground. 

10 "Must Have" Backpacking Items from the Innovators at Sea to Summit

When backcountry camping, sometimes the small details can make the difference between an okay time and an experience that you will never forget.

Sea to Summit offers many items to help increase comfort levels and enjoyment when front and backcountry camping.

Following are 10 tiny items to throw in your pack this summer to make life easier!

Nordic Walking

What it is 

Nordic walking is an all body workout involving walking with poles in urban areas (sidewalks, roads, parks, local trails) and in natural areas (local parks, trails, and mountain trails).  

Roller Skiing: Safety & Equipment Care Tips

Roller skiing is similar to cross-country skiing but is done on a hard surface. It is often referred to as ‘road skiing’ or ‘skiing on wheels’ since roller skis have wheels.

The skiing techniques used for roller skiing are very similar to techniques used in cross-country skiing.

Complimentary Clinics for Outdoor Groups

At the Norseman our passion for the community and the outdoors has transformed us into a store that emphasizes knowledge and education as much as outdoor equipment. 

Since our store was opened in 1971 we have expanded our areas of expertise, specialization and knowledge from cross country skiing to hiking, climbing and backpacking.

Traction Devices

Traction devices are particularly important for adding extra security when walking, hiking or running on mud, snow and ice. As we wait for the mountains to thaw, it’s likely that we will see a lot of all of those conditions over the next month, so choosing the right pair and making sure they’re packed for your adventures will go a long way toward making your outings a lot more fun and safer through mud season.

Traction devices are simply a device that straps onto a normal shoe or boot and adds traction via spikes, studs or chains.