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Evo Action 50 IFP Positrack Waxless Skis

At the Norseman we believe that some items require specific fitting, so they will not be available for purchase on-line. If you are not able to visit the store for a professional fitting, please contact us via phone/email to discuss purchasing options.

A user-friendly, waxless touring ski, the Evo Action 50 is designed for recreational skiers and active winter enthusiasts. Smaller, more accessible sizes allow increased maneuverability and control while waxless Positrack bases provide a blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions. 

Available in the following lengths: 166cm, 176cm, 186cm and 196cm.

We are a specialist ski fitter and do not sell our skis on-line as the camber differs between each pair and thus needs to be fitted to your weight, skill and objectives. Visit us in-store or call/email us to find the right ski for you.

If required, skis can be shipped to you for an additional oversized shipping fee. Contact us for more details.