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Backpacking Package Rental


The Backpacking Package Rental is available in 1-person, 2- person and 3-person versions and includes all of the major pieces required for an overnight backcountry trip. Choose from 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and 7 day rental periods.

  • The 1-person package includes a tent, cooking system, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and backpack. 
  • The 2-person package includes a two person shared tent and cooking system. Plus two sleeping pads, two sleeping bags, and two backpacks.
  • The 3-person package includes a three person shared tent and cooking system. Plus three sleeping pads, three sleeping bags, and three backpacks.

You will need to add your own food, fuel, dishes/cutlery, water filtration, clothing, first aid, headlamp, bear deterrent, and any other personal gear.

The stoves provided are Jetboils; great at boiling water for pre-packaged dehydrated meals, but are not designed for simmering. These stoves run on isobutane fuel canisters, from brands such as Optimus or Jetboil (sold separately from the rental package), that can found at almost every outdoor equipment retailer, including the Norseman.