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Repairs and Services


We believe in quality gear. Part of that philosophy is the desire to care for and repair equipment where possible so it can serve you year after year. It's not always possible, but we are committed to working with you for the best outcome. If in doubt, bring your gear in and let us see what we can do.


We keep a large number of replacement parts in-stock including buckles, repair patches, baskets, laces, bite valves, etc. In addition, our workshop keeps a large selection of miscellaneous parts from over the last decade so we can help you fix your bindings, poles, etc.

Workshop repairs

Our workshop has 40+ years' of experience repairing outdoor equipment. Our head technician specializes in looking after your cross-country skis, including stone grinding, scratch and gourge filling and transferring bindings. He has repaired things that seem impossible, so please ask.

Boot repairs and resoling

We have a relationship with Kumpfy Shoes in Canmore to get your climbing shoes and hiking boots repaired and resoled. Drop them off with us at anytime, then we'll get them to and from Kumphy on your behalf. 

Clothing repairs

Our network includes local clothing repairers who are approved by the manufacturers to repair your speciality clothing.

Supplier repairs

In some cases, we can work with our suppliers to help get your gear repaired by the manufacturer themselves.

Workshop Services

We offer a full range of services to care for and repair your cross-country skis. There is rarely a problem that our technicians cannot address. Our head technician has more than forty years of experience alone.

 Mounting services Service charges 
Mounting any bindings with purchase of bindings No charge
Remove any bindings $20.00
Mounting NNN/SNS bindings without purchase $29.00
Mounting regular telemark bindings without purchase $60.00
 Waxing/tuning services Service charges 
Base wax for waxless skis - Clean and glide wax $25.00
Base wax for waxable skis - Grip pocket preparation and glide wax $39.00
Base wax and skin clean for skin skis - Skin care and glide wax   $39.00
Race waxing (full race set-up) $55.00
Hot box for high-end classic or skate skis  $55.00
Pine tar and wax for wooden skis $49.00
Filing metal edges $20.00
Ski repair Talk to us
 Stonegrinding services Service charges 
Stonegrinding including protective wax                          $60.00
Scratch and gouge filling $30.00

We have a full workshop with small replacement parts. Talk to us if you have issues with any of your gear and we will see what we can do.